Turtle Dreaming

Turtle Dreaming

Turtles symbolize the feminine energy of water and have an important role in mythologies around the world. In most ancient cultures sea turtles were revered and sacred symbols of the feminine and fertility. They are often in creation myths regarding the origin of the earth.

Turtles have lived through the age of the dinosaurs. They survived the earth’s age of ice. Sea Turtles, the true ancients of the world, have been swimming in the oceans for over 2million years. For the first time in all millennia, six out of 7 species are either endangered and or on the verge of extinction, or threatened to become endangered.

As David Tacey, Associate Professor La Trobe University writes,
“When all that is sacred is no longer revered, when the feminine is devalued and the masculine overvalued, we are then an endangered species.”

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